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General Inquiries

How do I apply for work at Coram?

There are a number of ways that you can apply for work at Coram. You can:

  1. fill out an application online,
  2. fill out an application in person at one our district offices, or
  3. fax in your resume

For the street address or fax number of the office nearest you, see our Contact page.

What trades does Coram hire?

In general, Coram hires journeymen and apprentices in the Carpentry and Concrete Finishing fields as well as Crane Operators and riggers. To assist these trades we also employ skilled and unskilled labourers.

Depending on the district, and the needs of our clients, we have also hired, flagpeople, jobsite office assistants, and many others. Please check out our Job Posting page to see what trades we're currently looking for.

Does Coram hire apprentices? Will they pay my tuition fees?

Coram has a limited number of apprenticeship positions available and will consider apprenticeship applications after at least 3 months of employment. During the probation period, work ethic and commitment to Coram are evaluated.

Tuition fees are reimbursed through the Merit Contractors Association Tuition Reimbursement Program once you can prove that you have successfully completed your year and have returned to work for Coram. To learn more about Merit's Tuition Refund Program visit their website at

Are Coram jobsites safe?

Coram is committed to keep our projects safe and free of accidents. We work with each client to ensure that a culture of safety at the job site is maintained. The Saskatchewan Worker's Compensation Boards consistently award Coram one of the most favourable ratings for low claims experience.

Does Coram have out of town work?

Occasionally there are jobs that are outside the city limits. In Saskatchewan there are ongoing projects in Regina, Saskatoon and surrounding areas.

Please contact the regional offices to see if there are any jobs available in your area.

What tools and equipment do I need before I report to work?

Coram employees are required to provide their own hand tools (you will receive a list specific to your job duties at the time of hire) and CSA safety boots with ankle support. Hardhats, safety glasses and specialized PPE, such as safety harnesses, will be provided on site.

Tools List

Is my Journeyman's ticket from another province accepted in Saskatchewan?

A tradesperson who holds a valid trade certificate from another Canadian province or territory may apply to write the Interprovincial Exam and, if successful, be granted a Red Seal under the Interprovincial Standards Program. The Red Seal is recognized throughout most of Canada.

Does Coram hire workers under 18 years of age?

Due to the inherent safety risks of working onsite in the construction industry, Coram will not hire employees under the age of 18 if their employment duties require their attendance on a construction site, unless they meet at least one of the following criteria:

The worker is over the age of 16 and attending a technical high school with the intention of entering a construction trade.
  1. The worker is 16 and intending to enter engineering or technology post high school education courses related to the construction industry.

Otherwise, workers aged 16 to 18 may be employed in an office environment or within the confines of a site office facility, if their access to and from the site does not include passing through construction activity. Coram will not, under any circumstances, employ individuals under the age of 16.

When will my health benefits, like prescription drugs and dental care, start?

Coram's employee benefit plan works on a point system where each hour you work counts as one point. Employee benefits start on the first day of the second month following the month when the employee has 300 hours in his bank. Usually benefits start after three months of work but this can vary depending on when you started work and the number of hours you are working. The administrator of the plan, Mercon Benefits, will contact you by mail to let you know that your benefits are about to start. For more details about Coram's benefits plan, please visit Mercon's website at

If you were previously working for a company that was a member firm of Merit and used Mercon Benefits, your hours accumulated at your previous job will automatically be transferred over and you will remain in benefit as long as the number of hours in your account is not less than 150.

If my project ends, will Coram transfer me to another job?

Because Coram works with a number of clients we are able to offer our employees greater opportunity for long-term employment. Every effort is made to transfer our workers to new projects when the job they are working on is completed.

Is there opportunity to advance within Coram?

Coram seeks to employ safety minded, skilled trades people who exhibit a strong work ethic and who are motivated to grow within the organization.


Active Employees

Why can't I change my address and/or banking information over the telephone anymore?

Due to the new privacy laws, Coram must receive written notice before any change can be made to your personal information, which includes your address or banking information. There are any number of reasons why someone might try to change your address so that your pay advices and correspondence from Coram is directed to their house instead of yours.

You can either print off our Employee Information Sheet and complete the form, or write a note explaining what changes you would like made, and send the paperwork by fax or mail to your local Coram office. Please remember that you need to sign and date the paperwork before we can make any changes.

Why did I receive a Record of Employment (ROE) if I'm still working for Coram?

You may also receive a Record of Employment if there has been a break of 7 consecutive days of employment. Please read the Record of Employment carefully and give the Coram office a call if you still have any questions or concerns.

When will I receive my T4?

T4's must be issued prior to the end of February. 

When will I get my T3 (record of RRSP contributions)?

You will receive two T3's from the Royal Bank (RBC). The first T3 is sent out in January and includes contributions from March to December of the prior year. The second T3 is sent out in March and includes contributions from January and February of this year. If you have not received your T3 you will need to contact the Royal Bank (RBC) directly and make sure that they have your current address on file.

Can I have my RRSP contributions deposited into an account at a different bank?

Due to the number of employees that Coram Construction employs, our RRSP plan only allows us to submit contributions directly to the Royal Bank (RBC). If you wish to withdraw your money and invest it in another RRSP account, you will need to contact the Royal Bank (RBC) and your RRSP provider directly and make arrangements to have the funds transferred.

How do I change my RRSP investments?

You will need to contact the Royal Bank (RBC) directly to make any changes to your RRSP account.

How can I increase or decrease my RRSP deduction amount?

Due to the new privacy laws, Coram must receive written notice before any change can be made. You can either print off our Employee Information Sheet and complete the form, indicating what % you would like your RRSP deduction to be, and send the paperwork by fax or mail to your local Coram office. Please remember that you need to sign and date the paperwork before we can make any changes.

Also, don't forget that employer contributions are affected by the amount that you deduct from your pay. Refer to the chart below for a reminder of how our RRSP contribution matching program works;

Employee deduction: 0% 1% 2% 3% 4% 13% 14%
Employer contribution: 1% 2% 3% 4% 4% 5% 4%